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Verde Valley Archaeology Tour

The best private Half Day Archaeology Tours in Sedona

Type of Hiking Trail

Paved National Park Trails

Native American Heritage Sites

Loop Trails Through Monuments



1-3 Miles Total Miles in Loops

Outing Capacity

2 - 30 Hikers


Guide to provide pick-up from resort, all entrance fees, and transport to National Monuments during outing


Daily Start Times

Outings start at 8AM Daily

Wine Country Upgrades

If you would like to enjoy an extra stop by Page Springs Cellars, our guides can drive your safe chariot to Vinoarchaeology...

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We highly recommend checking out our Three Hour: Sacred Canyons Loop and Full Day: Sacred Summits Adventure to walk among the mystical grounds of the ancient Sinagua People. 

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Sedona Archaeology Tour

Explore the Most Impressive Cliff Dwellings in the Verde Valley

Let us provide an interpretive guide to accompany your group through the most impressive heritage sites in the Verde Valley. Your short hike into Montezuma Well will unearth mysteries, traditions, desert farming methods, and the evolutionary uses the regions plentiful natural resources. At Montezuma Castle, your guide will provide an in depth look at the 5-story, 4,000ft cliff dwelling, which was daringly built 90ft above the ground in a large limestone alcove 700 years ago. 

The immense size, craftsmanship, and innovative construction will at the very least— leave you spellbound. Finally, for those who choose our Full Day, your visit to Tuzigoot National Monument will introduce you to a complex of stone masonry, which was once a 110 room pueblo and thriving trade center for the ancient peoples of the Verde Valley. During both of these wonderful outings, you will enjoy Arizona's most impressive ancient architectural marvels, and capture elevated views of the beautiful Verde River along the way.

If you’re hoping to enhance your connection with the sacredness and Sedona's ancient history, this outing will take your experience to the next level.

Half Day: Verde Valley Archaeology Outing: Are you looking for a mellow hiking experience that educates you about the rich Native American cultural history of Sedona and the surrounding Verde Valley? This outing will introduce you to the ancient Sinagua culture, and other indigenous ancestral pueblan people of the desert Southwest. Your guide will lead you through two of the most beautiful and thought provoking architectural marvels in Arizona.  This outing will visit Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well National Monument's near Rimrock, Arizona.  These sites will showcase historical trade routes, artwork, resource utilization, ethnobotany, and sacred traditions of the areas ancient people's. 

Outing Includes

  • Hydration Backpack
  • Organic Trail Snacks
  • Private Trail Picnic
  • Two Sliced Organic Fruits
  • Resort Transportation
  • Private Guide
  • Entry into National Monuments
  • Trekking Poles


Two Person Minimum

Full Day: Verde Valley Archaeology Outing: Are you ready for a fully immersive day vested in learning about the indigenous peoples of Sedona? Allow our staff to introduce you to three of the most impressive national monuments in Arizona!! This outing will visit Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well, and Tuzigoot National Monuments. Each site will share secrets of Sinagua architecture, trade, apothecary, traditions, inventions, and much more!! This outing will visit three creekside habitation sites, which once served as important trade centers for the Sinagua & Yavapai People of the Verde Valley. Our guides will pack a picnic lunch and provide narration and insider knowledge to help enhance your understanding of Sedona's sacred people. 

Outing Includes

  • Hydration Backpack
  • Organic Trail Snacks
  • Healthy Wraps & Picnic
  • Sliced Organic Fruit
  • Resort Transportation
  • Private Guide
  • National Monument Entry
  • Trekking Poles


Two Person Minimum

**All Verde Valley Archaeology Outings have a two person minimum. Please Contact Us if you would like to inquire about Solo Hike Pricing.

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