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Summit Bagger

The best summit driven adventure tour in sedona!!



5.6 Miles Total

Elevation Change

1,950 Feet


Guide to provide transportation during outing


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Types of Hikes Available for this Outing

Summit Bid


Wilderness Access


Sunrise/Sunset Start



Summit Bagger

Are You Ready to Turn it Up a Notch?

Looking for an aggressive experience that brings you to Sedona's highest and most impressive peaks? This adventure will let you push your limits and climb the famed Bear Mountain. Along the trail you encounter four "false summits" to spice up the adventure and make the seemingly short distance more difficult than it sounds. 

Named after a local famed bear hunter that hunter over 200 bears in Sedona and escaped from San Quentin State Prison in California at least once.... This trail will live up to it's name and provide a hardy experience, not of the faint of heart. Along the trail you will have incredible south facing views of Doe Mountain, Capital Butte, Airport Mesa, Scheurman Mountain, Fay Canyon, Brins Mesa, Wilson Mountain, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock. 

Three of the areas four vortex sites will be visible from this trail, and the photos will rival some of the best you've ever seen for a half day adventure. This steep trail will impress all, but the questions is, are you ready to go summit bagging? 

Outing Includes

Hydration Backpack

Organic Trail Bars

Two Sliced Organic Fruits

Resort Transportation

Private Hiking Guide

Red Rock Pass

Trekking Poles

List of Supplies Included 


Two Person Minimum

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