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Types of Hikes: Sunrise/Sunset Start

The best sunrise & sunset hiking tours in Sedona

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One-Way Hike: These hikes travel on a one-way path from start to finish. This means, the hike will begin and end in different parking lots. Our guides will combine multiple trails to customize these adventures. This allows you to cover the maximum amount of territory possible in the shortest amount of time and miles hiked. These hikes can be Easy, Moderate, or Hard.

Scenic Loop: These hikes will travel in a circular orientation from start to finish. The hike will begin and end in the same parking lot. These adventures are similar to our One Way Hikes in how they expose you to the maximum amount of red rock views. However, they involve less overall driving to set up the experience. These hikes can be Easy, Moderate, or Hard.

Vortex: These sites are considered sacred places and are revered for their beauty and unique mystical properties. These hikes can be Easy, Moderate, or Hard.

Summit Bid: These hikes will take you to the most impressive red rock summits in Sedona. These are great for adventurists, looking for a challenge with all-encompassing views of Red Rock Country. These hikes can be Moderate or Hard.

Wilderness Access: These hikes will take you to the most seldom visited Wilderness Areas in Red Rock Country. Away from the crowds and into the wild!! These hikes can be Easy, Moderate, or Hard.

Sunrise/Sunset Start: These hikes will allow you to capture sunrise or sunset--by your request. Starting early will provide the best lighting for photography,  most solitude, and superb trail temperatures. These hikes can be Easy, Moderate, or Hard. If you wish to start your hike at Sunrise/Sunset, please call us at (928)239-3638 or email Reservations@TrailLovers.com.

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