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Sedona's Best Creekside Hikes


Explore the most sacred and awe-inspiring canyons in Sedona. Our guided creekside hikes will leave you breathless; from both astonishing beauty and the frigid stream waters of Red Rock Country. The healthy, lush canyons in Sedona, are a perfect way to escape the heat and reflect. Our creekside hikes can range from Easy to Difficult and cover 1 - 14 miles in one day. Our creekside outings will take you to the most beautiful riparian areas in Arizona. We'll even bring the hammocks! Learn about our customizable Red Rock Excursion, or classic:  Watery Wonders and Creeking & Peaking

Sedona's Highest Mountain Summits


Stand on top of Sedona's highest summits, above the roads, helicopters, Jeep's, and all other visitors to find the most inspiring views in Red Rock Country. These outings offer opportunities to see eagles, falcons, and an up close experience with Sedona's most unique geological formations. Our guides can carry all the weight too, so your group can travel lighter and focus more on photography and enjoying your experience. Learn about our Summit Bagger, Cactus to Clouds, and Summit to Summit

Sedona's Most Remote Wilderness Areas


Hike through the most remote and seldom visited wilderness areas in Arizona. Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of verdant, hidden desert landscapes, at the deepest corners of Red Rock Country. Our wilderness outings offer the best opportunity to see wild animals including: deer, javelina, bobcats. bear, seasonal birds, and reptiles. With weather permitting, secret desert waterfalls serve as our favorite wilderness adventures. Our Half/Full Day outings will allow you to reach the deepest ends of Sedona's wilderness. Learn more about our Trans Sedona Experience, Rim to Rim Trainer, Best in the West, and Sacred Summits

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What We Provide


Our guides provide transportation for up to 4 hikers per outing in our 4 x 4 Vehicles. Our vans can accommodate up to 15 hikers and busses up to 32 hikers

Hiking Backpacks

Each of our private hiking experiences comes with an Osprey backpack for storing valuables, water, and cameras. Our guides are also happy to provide free sherpa services and can carry your weight to help you covers more miles


Our Two Hour, Three Hour, and Half Day Hiking Tours come with ice-chilled water bottles and our Full Day & Marathon Hiking Tours come with ice-filled hydration bladders

Organic Snacks

Your guide will provide organic trail snacks throughout your adventure to keep you energized. We will ensure you're consuming healthy food, which properly matches your dietary needs

Organic Picnics

Our Full Day & Marathon Tours  come with fresh wraps in 4 different choices: Chicken Caesar, Turkey/Bacon/Avocado, Veggie Delight, Vegan Tofu & Greens. By request, we can easily accommodate gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan diets 

Private Guide

Our Sedona Hiking Guides are the most experienced wilderness guides in Red Rock Country. Our local staff will ensure you explore Sedona as it's seldom seen by others. You will learn about ethnobotany, geology, Native American history, and wilderness survival skills

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Leave No Trace


There is no better reference learning about how to responsibly enjoy the outdoors than following the Leave No Trace: 7 Principles

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Frequently Asked Questions


Please let us know if you have any questions. Try our FAQ Page, Ask Us, Email Reservations@TrailLovers.com, or Call (928)239-3638

Meet Our Guides

Jason Danoff


Owner/Guide: Jason spends his free time climbing, canyoneering, MTB riding, practicing yoga, trail running, backpacking GC, and exploring cliff dwellings across the SW. His specialties are ethnobotany, geology, geophysics, and desert survival skills. He is well versed in honoring the sacredness of Sedona and exploring it's most spiritually inspiring places. 

Jason's Favorite Classic Hikes: Rim to Rim Trainer, Cactus to Clouds, Creeking & Peaking

Derek Bond


Lead Guide/Manager: Derek is known by many as D-Rock!! Due to his unmatched dedication to health, adventuring, and fitness. This down-to-earth freak of nature is an insanely talented: climber, boulderer, and "red rock gnar-gnar shredder" on his MTB. You can bet he'll be topless on an adventure with his adorable son Daymon after any tour!! Derek specializes in wilderness survival, ethnobotany, geology, and Sedona's cultural history. If you're interested in learning how to enhance your abilities and training outdoors, this is your guide!!

Derek's Favorite Classic Hikes: Sneak-a-Peak, Summit Bagger, Watery Wonders

Jon Howe


Lead Guide/Manager: Jon is an incredibly skilled survivalist who has worked with Coconino County Search and Rescue (SAR) and was born 'n' raised as a true Sedona local. Jon's personal explorations have taken him to the furthest depths of Sedona's backcountry and across some of the most rugged and remote country in America. Jon is well versed in geology,  Native American history of the Four Corners, medicinal plants, outdoor survival skills, and making unforgettable good times!!

Jon's Favorite Classic Hikes: Sedona Traverse, Trans Sedona Experience, Sneak-a-Peak

Sean Doctor


Lead Guide: To be honest, there's not really much Sean can't do... And by "do" we mean crushing. From walking across remote desert spires on slack lines, to shredding fresh powder, to hard down-hill riding, to climbing steep trad lines, and taking bold new adventures to another level. Sean is a  fine blend of knowledge and experience-with the warmest of hearts-which makes any outing with him unforgettable. 

Sean's Favorite Classic Hikes: Trans Sedona Experience, Cactus to Clouds, Summit to Summit Challenge

Tyler Houser


Lead Guide: As a local expert of Sedona and Verde Valley Archaeology, Tyler is the perfect guide to help you explore Sinagua cliff dwellings. His hobbies include hiking, climbing, bouldering, reading, and exploring remote canyons of the Southwest. He's a wealth of knowledge on any subject and his athleticism is undeniable. Tyler spends most of his free days with his beloved wife and their adorable mountain baby--somewhere on the edge of Oak Creek and Red Rock Country.

Tyler's Favorite Classic Hikes: Sacred Canyons Loop, Sacred Summits, Sneak-a-Peak

Summertime Moonlight Hikes in Sedona


Sedona Permitted Outfitter

Red Rock Rock Ranger District and Coconino National Forest

Trail Lovers Excursions, LLC is a United States Forest Service (USFS) permitted company of Coconino National Forest and the Red Rock Ranger District in Sedona, Arizona. Our tours in Sedona are conducted on the Coconino National Forest, under permit by and in partnership with the USFS. Our Sedona based outings, take place only on sanctioned forest service trails, in permitted areas of Coconino National Forest. We are dedicated to educating our clients and other visitors about the importance of preservation, impact management, and "Leave No Trace Ethics".  Similiar to the  US Forest Service, our mission in Sedona is "caring for the land and serving people." 

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