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Sedona Weather Expectations

What You Can Expect in Red Rock Country

Winter (December/January/February) 

Days will be in the high to low 50’s (Fahrenheit) and drop to near freezing (or below) at night. Snow most often occurs at the end of December, through January, and into early February.  Sedona receives an average of 9 -10 inches of snow each year. Low visitor traffic during this time except for holidays. Many visitors from colder areas tend to visit during this time of the year to enjoy the mild winters of Sedona, seasonal waterfalls, and capture the beauty of snow upon the Red Rocks. During this time, you would need a dry suit to swim in the creek. Sedona has over 330 sunny days per year, which is more than Miami, FL!! There is usually light precipitation for only about 10-15% of the month and it snows 2-4 times each Winter. Some North facing trails and canyon hikes will be limited due to snow and ice. During this time of the year, we highly recommend our Custom Hiking Tours, which allows our guides to get you into the most inspiring places in Sedona based on the unpredictable weather. 

Spring (March/April/May) 

Days will be in the high 80’s (Fahrenheit) and will drop to the low 60’s at night. The mornings in March are beautiful and offer the best time to hike. During this time, the water in Oak Creek is clear and warm enough for most visitors to swim. High visitor traffic for “Spring Break” from March to April makes this one of the busiest times of the year to visit Sedona. Increasingly low probability of rain from late March into May. If you're hoping to capture the best solitude and lighting for photography--we highly recommend early morning starts. During this time of year, we recommend our Classic Hiking Tours and Moonlight Hikes to avoid others and see the best places in Sedona.

Summer (May/June)

Days will be in the mid to high 90's (Fahrenheit) and drop to the low 70's at night. High sun intensity in the middle of the day, and excessive dryness, makes Sedona actually feel like a desert during this time of the year. The water in Oak Creek will be comfortable for swimming, cliff jumping, and canyoning. There is almost a 0% chance of precipitation through May and June. The area has historically dealt with seasonal wildfires; both around and inside of Sedona's Wilderness Areas during the Summer. We highly recommend starting your tours either in the early morning, and checking out our Watery Wonders and Moonlight Hikes.

Monsoon Season (July/August)

Days will be in the low 90's and humid in the morning. Usually sunny mornings, lead to cloudy afternoons, and eventually rain after 3PM. Sunset photography is the best at this time of year and usually the "monsoon" rains bring lightning , loud thunder, and beautiful skylines. The key is to either start early in the morning, or go out at sunset for the magical colors at this time of year. During this time of the year, we highly recommend our Custom Hiking Tours, allowing your guide to tailor the hike based upon conditions, fires, and can't-miss seasonal features like massive desert waterfalls.

Fall (September/October/November)

Days will be in the high 80’s (Fahrenheit) and drop to the low 60’s at night during September and October. In November, temperatures will reach the 70’s and drop to the low 50’s. Medium visitor traffic through September and highest visitor traffic of the year during October. Many visitors choose to visit during this time to enjoy the seasonal color change that occurs along Oak Creek and Oak Creek Canyon. During this time, the water is warmer than springtime, crystal clear after mid-September, and most visitors swim comfortably through the end of October. Low probability of rain after September 20th. During this time of the year we highly recommend our Classic Hiking Tours to experience the most unique hikes in Sedona.

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