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Frequently Asked Questions

What Will the Weather Be Like?


With over 112 sunny days a year and an average year-a-round temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, Sedona Weather is some of the most beautiful weather in America

Can I Book Online?


Yes, you can reserve any of our Custom Hiking Tours by clicking Book Online Now. You can also Request Information about our Classic, Solo, Moonlight Hikes, and Archaeology Tours.

Can I Bring My Dog?


There is no additional charge for dogs and each of our Custom, Classic, Solo, and Moonlight Hikes can accept dogs. 

What Do Your Guides Recommend?


If you're looking for our favorite hikes, look no further than our Classic Hiking Tours. Designed by our guides, based on their favorite Easy, Moderate, or Hard Hikes in Red Rock Country. 

What Do I Pack?


Are you wondering What to Pack and seeking Sedona Weather Expectations? Follow the links above and we will get you started in creating the adventure vacation of a lifetime in Red Rock Country. 

What if My Private Group is 15 Hikers or More?


For group outings, exceeding 14 hikers, we recommend our Private Red Rock Group Experiences

verde valley archaeology tours

What If I'm Traveling and/or Hiking Solo in Sedona?


If you're traveling through Sedona alone, and not wanting to miss out on the best hikes in America... We've got your back!! Let our experienced guides  create a private, custom guided, Solo Hiking Tour into the most beautiful places in Red Rock Country for you.

Do You Do Vortex Tours?


Our Sedona Hiking Tours do not visit Sedona's four main vortex areas. Our private tours are respectfully led on sacred territories located in the most seldom visited areas in Red Rock Country. Our Sacred Canyons Loop and Sacred Summits outings will bring you to some of the most inspiring places in Sedona. 

Whats the Minimum & Maximum Ages for Hikers?


We can accept newborn babies and all grown up's too!! If you can walk without assistance, you can explore with us. Our  Archaeology Tours are a wonderful choice for wheelchair accessible sites too!! If you're looking for specialized tour, tailored to your abilities and designed to your needs, check out our Custom Hiking Tours.

Does it Require a Deposit to Reserve a Tour?


Each of our outings requires a 100% due deposit at the time of booking. Please use the link if you would like to review our Terms and Conditions or Book Now. We can request a Deposit Waiver by Asking Us, or emailing Reservations@TrailLovers.com

Where Will We Hike During Your Outing?


Can I Make Special Requests for My Tour?


Absolutely!! Our Custom Hiking Tours can be tailored to your snack/picnic preferences, unique outdoor interests, and designed around your private group.

If you're looking for a special experience your anniversary, check out our Romantic Expedition. Please Email Us about any other dietary or special allergy requests.

The most classic hiking adventures in sedona

Dude, I Wanna Propose, Can You Help?


We've got your covered!!! Our Romantic Expedition is designed to help-a-brotha out. We can customize it tightly to your liking, while safely following our Leave No Trace 7 Principles. This outing is perfect for proposals, anniversaries, and other romantic holidays. If you're looking to make it extra-special, let us help!! Each of our Custom Hikes can be tailored to your needs.

Can You Help Us Plan Out Other Hikes?


We would love to help you learn more about Sedona and it's incredible adventures. Please email us at Reservations@TrailLovers.com if you have any travel related questions about Northern Arizona, Grand Canyon, and the Southwest.

I Have Children, Can You Create Something Fun?


We provide car seats for children of all ages and we specialize in creating memorable family experiences. We highly recommend our Custom Sedona Explorer or Guided Expedition as the best family choices for tours.

Can You Carry Some of My Packs Weight?


Our guides are capable of providing full sherpa services, if you wish to pack lighter to cover more miles and terrain

Do You Provide Transport?


Our guides provide transport from your private group and will pick-up from your lodging. In the event of you preferring to do a One-Way Hike, we may ask you to meet your guide at the trailhead. In this case, you will be provided with directions and the driving would not included high-clearance or 4x4. 

Where do We Meet You?


Unless otherwise specially noted by your guide or our staff; your guide will always meet you at the Valet/Arrivals Area of your resort.  For Airbnb, we will meet you at your residence. Our guides vehicles will be clearly marked with signs for Trail Lovers Excursions.

Are You Ready to explore red rock country!!!?

Can I Split the Charges for the Outing?


If you wish to split your charges for your private tours, please contact us prior to booking, and we can manually generate your deposit. Our online schedule will prevent you from splitting your deposit needed to secure the reservation. We can be reached at (928)239-3638.

What Forms of Payment Do We Accept?


We accept Cash and Credit Cards for Payment. 

What Are the Best Start Times for Tours?


Our tours are naturally structured to start at 6:30AM for Marathon Days and 8AM & 2:30PM Daily for Two Hour, Three Hour, Half Day, and Full Day Tours. We recommend starting early in the morning between 6AM - 8AM for the best temperatures, solitude, and photography. If you would like to request an earlier/later start time please call us at (928)239-3638 or email us at Reservations@TrailLovers.com

Are Your Start Times Flexible?


Our Custom & Classic Tours are naturally structured to start at 6:30AM, 8AM, and 2:30PM for scheduling our guides. Our Moonlight Hikes begin at 5:30PM. If you would like to adjust your outing start time, please call us at (928)239-3638, or email us at Reservations@TrailLovers.com. We will do our best to meet all special requests for time changes.

What Food Choices Do You Offer?


We serve all-organic healthy wraps, vegetables, and fruits during our tours. 

  • Our wraps include: Turkey/Bacon/Avacodo, Chicken Caesar, Veggie Deluxe (Mixed Veggies), and Vegan Delight (Tofu). 
  • Fruits and Veggies: Sliced Apples, Sliced Pineapples, Sliced Watermelon, Sliced Cantaloupe, Grapes, Sliced Cucumber & Pine Nut Hummus, Carrots & Pine Nut Hummus
  • Additional Snacks Included in All Tours: Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Kind Bars and Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

How Hard Are Your Hikes?


Our hikes can range from: Easy, Moderate, and Hard. If you're seeking a physically challenging hike based around a unique Sedona experience, check out our Classic Hiking Tours. For something more tailored to your physical abilities, try our Custom Hiking Tours.

Ready for a Night Hike?!

Do You Lead Climbing or Canyoneering Tours?


Although our staff shares an incredible love for both climbing and canyoneering through Sedona, we do not lead any form of climbing, or canyoneering activities for profit of any kind. Our tours are hiking inspired adventures through some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and seldom explored wilderness areas in Sedona. There are currently no legal canyoneering or rock climbing guides operating in Sedona. If you need local canyon or climbing beta, please hit us up at (928)239-3638.

Do You Lead Mountain Biking Tours?


Our guides do not lead any kind of biking tours, but we would highly recommend using Sedona Trail Sports as your best guided MTB tours in the area. However, if you need any information and mapping about mountain biking in Sedona, any of our Adventure Consultants or Guides can help you map out your next epic ride.

What is a Moonlight Hike?


Our Moonlight Hikes are a perfect way to avoid the summertime heat, capture sunset photography, see unique desert creatures, and enjoy the best solitude of the day. Our guides provide headlamps & flashlights, while tours depart about one hour prior to sunset. This allows you to capture sunset from the top of the summit or from the most spectacular part of the trail. This experience can offer incredible photo opportunities of unique desert creatures. 

What is Your Cancellation Policy?


Please review our Terms and Conditions to learn about our deposits and refunds. 

What is Your Most Popular Tour?


Our most popular tour booked since our creation has been our custom Three Hour: Guided Expedition. A close second is our custom Half Day: Red Rock Excursion.

Can You Help Me Train For Grand Canyon?


YES, WE CAN!!! Our guides can help you learn about the terrain, while preparing you physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your adventure. Our Rim to Rim Trainer, Sacred Summits, Summit Bagger, and Creek to Peak will help you reach the physical skills needed to complete the challenge.

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